David Nipo

David Nipo

Self portrait as a fisherman

About The Artist

David Nipo, Israeli painter, born in Brazil, 1964

David Nipo was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He immigrated to Israel in 1969. In 1983-1997 he worked as a scenic artist for the Israeil film Industry. David Nipo is an auto deduct. In 1997 he studied two years at the JSS under the instruction of Artist Israel Hershberg. In 2005, he and Aram Gershuni established Hatahana Studio for Figurative Painting and Drawing in Tel Aviv. Nipo lives and works in Moshav Nir Akiva in the Negev.

David Nipo’s work is done mainly from life from acute observation. His subjects are still life, landscape and portraiture. His works are in public and private collections internationally, including the Israel Museum Jerusalem.

David Nipo believes that art liberates by unveiling aspects of the collective human truth, that can only be revealed by the subjective point of view of the individual’s experience, therefore the practice of art is an ethical act that bears social responsibility.

Education and Teaching

1980 – Studied sculpture at the Zionist youth farm Jerusalem.

1990 – Summer semester, international school of art, Monte Castello De Vibio, Italy.

1997-1999 – Studied painting at the JSS under Israel Hershberg.

1999-2013 – Taught drawing at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

2005-2013 – Taught drawing at Sapir Collage.

Since 2005 – Teaches at Hatahana school of painting and drawing which he founded with Artist Aram Gershuni.

Solo Exhibitions

2002 – Golconda Fine Art Tel Aviv (catalogue)

2004 – Golconda Fine Art Tel Aviv (catalogue)

2009 – “Evidence and fabrication” Ashdod Art Museum, Monart Center (catalogue)

2009 – “Roni’s Stand” Golconda Fine Art Tel Aviv (catalogue)

2010 – “Double Landscape” Contemporary by Golconda Tel Aviv

2014 – “I returned and saw under the sun” recipient of the Haim Chiff prize for figurative Realist Art, 2013, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (catalogue)

2016 – “Ever Returning” Contemporary By Golconda, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions

1999 – “Explosive Drawing” Hamumche Gallery, Tel Aviv (catalogue)

1999 – “Master Class” (Israel Hershberg’s class) The Artists House Jerusalem and Noga Gallery Tel Aviv.

2000 – “From Post Impressionism to Post Zionizm” UBS Bank, N.Y. (an initiative of Golconda Fine Art).

2003- “Facing the Real” The Artists House, Jerusalem (catalogue)

2004 – “Traces II” – Drawing Biennale, The Artists House, Jerusalem (catalogue)

2005 – Golconda Fine Art Tel Aviv.

2006 – “Presences” The Artists House Tel Aviv (catalogue)

2009 – BP Portrait Award 2009, National Portrait Gallery, London (catalogue)

2011 – Permanent display, Portrait section of the old masters Gallery (Portrait of Ronald Fuhrer) Tel Aviv Museum of Art

2013 – BP Portrait Award 2013, National Portrait Gallery, London (catalogue)

2014 – “Bypassing abstraction” The open University of Israel Ra’anana (catalogue)

2016 – “In Mirror of Artists” Rozentalis House Jaffa Tel Aviv (catalogue)

2019 – “A decade of the Haim Chiff Prize for Figurative Realist Art” Tel Aviv Museum of Art (catalogue)

2019 – Keeping at Distance, Petach Tikva Museum of Art


2013 – Haim Chiff Award for Figurative Realist Art